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Carla hasn't missed a class since starting!

Carla / 2 children

I started Zumba classes in August 2014 and have not missed a class ever since. I LOVE IT -  as I enjoy dancing and it is so much fun. I have been to Zumba classes before, but Jen's classes are different and the number of people that attend each class is testimony to this. Jen's classes are fun and high-energy with challenging dance moves. Her energy on stage is's like we all feed off her in a motivating way. It's affordable and starts at a good time for me. I currently attend three of her four Zumba classes a week and I have lost 3kg. I give it my all and most importantly....I have fun, fun, fun. I have lost weight all over my body which is fantastic. My husband is loving my new body and I feel great. It's a great way to have fun whilst exercising and meet new people.

Zest says…

Well done Carla, you are doing so well! It is great that you are now a regular on the stage…..your smile is infectious!”