Hi guys,

I think you can help me with a problem I have.  I don’t know if you realise it or not but marketing for new clients in today’s economy can be pretty expensive and after I spend all that money on marketing, I am still not guaranteed to get on single new client.  “Word of Mouth” marketing is still the best type of marketing, and frankly, I would rather reward you for sending me new clients than spend all of my money on expensive ads.  Many happy clients have mentioned Zest Fitness UK to their friends, family and colleagues who have expressed an interest in improving their health and fitness.  With this in mind, I came up with my new……

Referral Reward Program!

Here is how it works

For every referral that you send me who takes up a monthly membership you will receive

 – 1 months free fitness class membership (Worth £40)

I know that I do not have to offer rewards for referring friends but I think it is important to show that I value you as a client and appreciate your referrals.  When you think about people that you might refer, please keep these ideas in mind:

  • People you work with
  • Friends listed on your phone
  • Neighbours
  • People you know from your hobbies and other interests (book club, yoga etc)
  • Family members
  • People who do business with you
  • People who attend your Church

If you hear your friends, family or work colleagues saying:

“I need to lose weight”
“I need to exercise”
“I can’t fit into any of my clothes”
“I’m fed up with how I look”
“I hate going to a gym”

These are just some of the people that we can help!

Hopefully, the above will help and if you spend just a few minutes thinking about it, I am sure you will come up with quite a few people you know who would like to experience all the benefits that you have experienced from coming to my classes.

If you’d like to pass on anyone’s details for us to contact them, please use our contact page.

Thank you for your help!

Yours sincerely


Jennifer x

Zest Fitness UK