Hi, my name is Jennifer Emery.

I am 41, a wife, a mother, a business owner, a fitness professional, a coach, entrepreneur and your positive social media friend.

I come on my social media feed each day and in my stories and share my life with you in the hope that I will inspire you to take action on reaching your goals, teach you something you didn’t know and maybe entertain you with my smutty mind and amazing sense of humour 😉#justhumourmeonthatone 😂

I also know that I may not be your cup of tea—and that’s totally ok! That’s life. That’s what the unfollow button is for. So please feel free to press it.

I am not here for any internet trolls (I have the delete button and I’m not afraid to use it) or the fake accounts; or men that want some action….yes some of the messages in the past have been interesting 😂(I’m not single and not looking to mingle in that way) 😉

I am here for the amazing ladies and gents who want to help me build a community of positive people looking to live the next chapter of their life better than the first with their health, life and in business.

So to those of you new to my account, thank you for being here. I hope I make your day a little brighter. To those of you who have been here with me for a while, thank you for all your love and support I really do appreciate it 💜You are amazing!

And to those of you who don’t get me, who don’t like me, but still feel the need to follow me and watch my every move, b**** about me behind my back, thank you so much for teaching me patience and grace as I learn to navigate past you and continue to support and help those who need it the most.

I am going into 2020 with my serving hat on, with one aim, to help YOU and I cant wait to share with you what I have learned so you can truly reach your potential.

Much love always

Jen 💜💜

Are you ready to change your life for the better? I'm ready!