Avoid The Dreaded Bloated Feeling!

By November 22, 2014Healthy eating

Over the next few weeks I will sending you some healthy tips to supercharge your health and body goals and today is on bloating.

Bloating, gassiness and general abdominal discomfort is horrible to have.  Apart from how your stomach feels it can affect your day by making you feel self-conscious and sluggish…..this isn’t great.  The good news though is that bloating is usually tied to what you eat.  Dairy products can be a major source of intestinal distress and many people eliminate their bloating altogether when they leave dairy out of their diet.  So why don’t you try it yourself!  Just cut out dairy for 5 days and see how you feel (and look) afterwards.  If you want to say bye bye to your bloat then it is totally worth it!  Trust me!

Are you worried though about calcium….well don’t be! Greens, beans and sesame seeds all contain calcium along with other fantastic nutrients and there are plenty of non-dairy milks available on the market for example coconut, rice, soy oat and sunflower.  All are good options that are full of nutrients.

If you use protein powder then look for dairy and lactose free so it won’t cause bloating.

Enjoy your day !

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