Zumba Fitness Classes with Zest Fitness UK

Looking for a fitness class that is fun, energising and burns serious calories? Our Zumba fitness classes combine latin-based moves with high intensity interval training to give you a workout like no other. Our classes are friendly, welcoming and for men and women of all fitness levels.

Do you:

  • Want to lose weight & tone up?
  • Feel the need to de-stress?
  • Want to increase fitness levels?
  • Like to meet new people?
  • Hate the gym environment?
  • Lack confidence?
  • Struggle with finding exercise enjoyable?
  • Want to burn 500-800 calories per class?

If so, we can help!

Don’t worry if you want to come to class by yourself, we will ensure that your attendance at class with us is an enjoyable one from day one!  There are no egos in this class just fun, exercise and serious calorie burning!


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It's not all about fitness classes - there's so much more to Zumba

Being one of the longest standing Zumba Instructors on the Wirral, Jennifer Emery has taught well in excess of 75,000 participants across the North West and also in France and Greece. 

Trained in most Zumba Fitness programmes including Zumba B1, B2, Zumba Kids and Kids Jnr, Zumba Gold, Zumba Senta, Zumba Burst and Zumba Core, Jennifer is able to bring the latest techniques to ensure the classes help you to lose weight and tone up in a welcoming and friendly environment. 

Zest Fitness UK currently teaches hundreds of participants every week at regular Zumba Fitness classes.

Over the years Jennifer Emery, Owner of Zest Fitness UK has also:-

  • organised and hosted a Zumba Weekend in Wales for 200 participants
  • taught over 75,000 students
  • Opened 6 large Race for Life Events across the North West of England
  • Hosted a Zumbathon for Radio City (largest radio station on Merseyside) with approximately 250 participants raising just under £6,000
  • Hosted two large Zumbathons for The Babygrow Appeal at the Countess of Chester raising just under £6,000

Zumba is such a fantastic way to get in shape in a fun way……the time goes so quickly in a class because you are having so much fun!

If you love Zumba (as many of us do), we're now offering monthly memberships which entitles you to come to as many of our 35 weekly classes as you like.  If you'd like more information, please contact us.


Metafit is high intensity interval training (HIIT) and packs a great workout into less than 30 minutes.

Calories burned per class
Songs danced to per class

What our class members say...

Here are just some of the testimonials from clients following attendance at our Zumba Fitness Classes

For someone in their fifties who has never been able to do aerobic exercise, since going to Jen’s classes all that has changed. I have also lost over one and a half stones which I had been trying to lose for years. I think it is the combination of music, great routines, fantastic instructor who really brings out the best in people and the brilliant atmosphere and fun at class. I’ve never gone out of a class feeling anything other than happy. I have also met a whole new crowd of friends of all different ages. Doing Zumba makes me feel that age is just a number and I can keep up with everybody else because we are having so much fun it doesn’t really feel like exercise!

- A. Cogan, Wirral

I took up Zumba in September 2012, because my wife was going that often I never got to see her….some may say not a bad thing. As a former Sunday League Footballer, I wanted to do something to regain my fitness levels after a 6 year gap so after persuasion from my wife I reluctantly gave it a go. The first class was very nerve racking, being the only man there, however, within two classes I was hooked. I started to go on a Saturday morning without my wife as my support blanket and now attend 3 classes per week. I have never met a friendlier group of fun people who we now class as friends. I take a lot of banter from friends about Zumba being for women, but my fitness level and weight is now the same as when I was playing football. I would challenge them to attend one of Jen’s classes and then say it is easy!

- Chris H, Wirral

After retiring from playing hockey I was searching for another form of exercise that would give me all the benefits of training and playing match hockey on a regular basis, and also being part of a team.
Zumba classes have really helped me physically and emotionally. Physically, Zumba is an excellent cardio workout which keeps me in good shape but does not cause any muscle strain or impact on joints. My emotional well being has also benefitted enormously. From the “feel good” feeling at the end of a session to escapism as there is no time to think about anything else as you try to master the steps and moves.
Jen is an excellent Instructor. She provides a brilliant balance between the energy levels of dances to keep us going. Her enthusiasm is fantastic. She seems to pitch the classes at a perfect level so they push you to the limit but always make you feel you can keep going. Jen is always introducing new dances to keep you on your toes. The variety is excellent. I do love it when we go back to some of the very first Zumba dances she did.
Zumba is a fantastic form of exercise. A super way of having fun with a great bunch of people. The music is wonderful and really makes you want to dance. The moves are achievable but challenging enough to always keep you interested. As well as physically challenging it is mentally challenging as you are always having to learn new steps.

- K.S., Heswall

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