Clubbercise classes across the Wirral with Zest Fitness UK

First things first, this is not just another fitness class. Zest Fitness UK know that finding a form of exercise that you will enjoy is half the battle to making it part of your daily/weekly fitness plan. With over 20 years in the entertainment industry and 6 years in the fitness industry….Zest Fitness UK know how to make your workout more than just a workout but a fitness experience to remember.

Are you self conscious about your body? Does the thought of going to the gym fill you with dread and the thought of all of those mirrors? Would you like to have an amazing all over body workout but without the thought of someone watching you. If so, then Clubbercise with Zest Fitness UK is for you.

Clubbercise is taking the Wirral and the UK by storm, bringing participants banging club classic anthems in a darkened room, simple but effective fitness and club moves and add to that the Clubbercise glowsticks, a Zest Fitness UK class will have you sweating off those calories.

Think N Trance, Prodigy, JX and more classic anthems that will have you working out without feeling like it is a workout!

As the largest provider of Clubbercise fitness classes on the Wirral, Zest Fitness UK know how to make you feel great whilst you are exercising.

If you struggle with your nutrition then ask one of the team about how you go from feeling rubbish to feeling that sense of achievement when your clothes feel looser and your energy levels increase.

Clubbercise - Zest Fitness, Wirral

Do you:

  • Love to dance?
  • Want more fun from your workout?
  • Want to lose weight & tone up?
  • Feel the need to de-stress?
  • Want to increase fitness levels?
  • Want to burn 500-800 calories per class?

If so, Clubbercise could be the fitness class you’re looking for! Clubbercise classes bring a night out to your workout. Let yourself go and enjoy dancing to classic and modern club anthems in a darkened room with disco lights. Glowsticks can be bought at the door. 

Don’t worry if you want to come to class by yourself, we will ensure that your attendance at class with us is an enjoyable one from day one!  There are no egos in this class just fun, exercise and serious calorie burning!


New enquiries: 07778 438 128

Clubbercise classes Wirral

Clubbercise class timetable

Monday6:30pm - 7:30pmCLUBBERCISEHeswall British LegionAll fitness levelsBook now
Wednesday6:30pm - 7:30pmCLUBBERCISESt Anne's, Rock FerryAll fitness levelsBook now

Videos of recent Clubbercise classes


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