How I Bring New Clients Into My Community Fitness Business All Year Round

A Community Fitness Class In Action!!

For a long time I have wanted to do this, and by this I mean help other community fitness professionals achieve the success that I have.

But what do I mean by success?  For fitness professionals like myself it means helping as many people as possible achieve their goals, whether that be losing weight, increasing confidence, reducing stress levels, or just keeping fit.

For me though, success also equates to having a flexible work life balance, having systems in place that will allow me to be able to take my children to and from school every day and not have to work a typical 36-40 hour week.  I finally feel I am successful because I am able to earn enough money to support my family and also have the time to enjoy it.  I have only been able to achieve this success by using specific strategies that bring in regular business all year round.

You can skip my blog post where I write my heart out, to convince you of the simple fact that you too can have full classes all year, find out what I did to achieve this now !

When I was 12, I became extremely ill and in intensive care with Guillian Barre Syndrome, an immune system condition that caused debilitating muscle weakness.  The experience didn’t just affect me, it took a huge toll on our family.  I spent months in hospital and nearly a year recovering.  Being immobile for so long had the unfortunate side effect of excessive weight gain.  Within a year of leaving hospital, I weight nearly 13 stone.

I spent the rest of my adolescence feeling miserable and lacking in confidence.  I was bullied and couldn’t see a way out.

Leaving school and the bullies behind became the catalyst for change that I needed.  I started going to the local gym and eating healthily.  I lost 2 stone in 6 months and felt amazing!  My confidence grew and my outlook on life transformed.

I was ready to start my working career and take my first real steps into the world. Like many young people I didn’t know what I wanted to do so I found myself jumping from job to job.  It may have felt aimless at the time but looking back I learnt so much!

I was trained in building databases, sales, dealing with customers, marketing for new businesses, event planning and how to record and analyse data.

During this time, I met my husband and we had two beautiful daughters. Following the birth of my second daughter, we faced an enormous challenge as a family, as I was told I was going to lose my job in the Police.  At this time I had two very small dependent children alongside bills, food and a mortgage to pay, I was distraught.

It was then I discovered my passion for fitness.  Within a couple of months of being made redundant I had taken my first fitness qualification and training programme and within three months was teaching in excess of 500 participants per week within the community.

I couldn’t believe that life had changed so quickly in such a short period of time. If I could go back and tell the overweight 12 year old me just leaving hospital that I would be making a living out of being fit, I would never have believed it.  Life is an incredible journey and if I can overcome my challenges, anyone can!

In the last 7 years my business has gone from strength to strength.  I have had to face big challenges that many people in my industry are still facing everyday but I have developed strategies that have enabled me to overcome them.  I now teach less than 6 classes per week and yet earn more than my old full time wage.

I love that I am still here making a difference to so many lives!  Most importantly though, is it is allowing me to make a significant difference to the lives of my own children as I get to spend more time with them as they grow up.  The best bit is no one tells me how much I am worth!

So let me share with you the problem that I recognised early on; fitness professionals are not taught how to build a successful business outside a gym.  It is not part of our standard training to learn how to actually achieve success.  This is why I had to work it out for myself but now I am ready to share it with you.  If you really want to help more people achieve their goals, earn more money and work less hours, then you need to start thinking like a business owner.  I can show you how.


Over the years, I spent a lot of money on various fitness courses and training; I learnt the latest fitness programmes but not the latest marketing trends or how to grow a fitness business.  As a result, I struggled to make enough money to pay the bills and keep my head above water.  I was fed up and stressed.  I even considered throwing in the towel and packing up classes altogether.

Something stopped me though; I absolutely loved my job and I just couldn’t turn my back on something that I was so passionate about.  At my lowest point, I was forced to find another way.  I thought carefully about my challenges and suddenly it dawned on me; I needed proper business training and support.

I took the plunge and I invested in a mentor and as a result I made changes and developed specific marketing strategies that I designed for the fitness industry.  My classes started to grow quickly and they became full most of the year round.  I finally realised I COULD DO IT and now I am so happy to share it with you so that YOU CAN TOO!

There are many ways to bring in new clients to classes not just Facebook!

One of my biggest challenges was getting regular new clients throughout the year and not just in January.  I used to focus just on Facebook but the reality is that a huge number of people are not on social media and the traditional Facebook marketing techniques just aren’t working anymore!  I was missing a big chunk of my target market.

As a result of putting new strategies in place, learning how to attract new clients and finding out where my competitors got new clients from I was able to reduce the number of classes I wanted to teach per week but ensure that each one was full!


I found when I was teaching 12+ classes per week I was constantly exhausted.  This had a huge impact on my life outside of work.  I found simple things like playing with my children tiring.  I wanted to sleep all of the time.  I was physically and mentally exhausted.  I was desperate. 

The problem is that as fitness professionals, there is only so long our bodies will go on for.  We don’t like to think of ourselves this way but when we function at 110% every day, we will wear ourselves out quicker.

By investing in myself and giving myself the opportunity to develop these strategies, I am genuinely a more relaxed and happy wife, mother, friend and fitness instructor.  I have more energy and know that my body is capable of helping more people for years to come.

It really works!

I practice what I preach all of the time; as a result of implementing just 3 of my 50 strategies in the last week I have been able to;

  • bring in 20 leads in the last 24 hours as I write this
  • see where my competitors are getting the majority of their clients from
  • meet new referral partners every day

This has taken me on an amazing journey over the last 7 years and as a result I have experienced so much.

I now want to help as many fitness professionals who are;

  • struggling working too many hours,
  • not earning enough,
  • unsure how to get regular clients,
  • wanting to find out where their competitors are getting their business and how to use it to increase their own numbers,
  • ready to implement changes and grow their fitness business.

As a result of applying these strategies, it has increased my earnings and given me more time back to spend with my family.


Are you ready to change your life for the better? I'm ready!